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to enrich your knowledge, skills and life.

We have set ourselves the goal of creating the overall conditions for a successful work-life balance. That is why we are continuously expanding our range of employee benefits and creating attractive working environments. By offering a wide variety of extra benefits, we enable our employees to enjoy flexibility in their working lives.

We are committed to developing and retaining our people and supporting them to achieve personal and business goals.

Additional Benefits

Additional Benefits

At McCloskey Environmental we offer a variety of additional benefits such as holiday allowances, healthcare and everyday support.

Development Opportunities

You will have our full support if you want to further your own personal development. We understand that life-long learning is important and support everything that encourages a personal willingness to learn.

Work-Life Balance

A good work-life balance is the most important prerequisite for being creative and productive. We offer measures that help you more easily balance your work and private life.

Health Management

Caring for our employees starts with the opportunity to become a member of our own company health insurance fund. We promote healthy living events, fitness and nutrition, because your personal well-being is part of holistic health management.

Career opportunities

Thank you for your inquiry about employment opportunities at McCloskey Environmental. Currently we don’t have any open positions but if you are interested in possible future opportunities, please send your CV to

What our employees say

''MCE provides regular training and up-skilling opportunities so that I can grow as a professional. The company contributes so much more than just a workplace, providing benefits that are felt in my personal life. The workplace promotes a team based culture allowing productive, efficient work to take place whilst still enjoying.''

David McReynolds – Engineer Product Manager

“MCE is a great company to be part off. Working here for two years and the people are easy to work with and the company gives me the freedom to explore my ideas. I feel that my work is being recognised and appreciated by my superiors”.

Enda Baird – Design Engineer

“I am extremely pleased with the way McCloskey Environmental works as a team…the atmosphere is conducive to working together to get the job done. Feeling that the people I work with all share a high level of commitment and pride in what we do. A first class team to be part off.”

Ryan McDonald – Design Engineer