ER-230 High Energy Durable Screener

The ER-230 High Energy Screener is one of the most robust, durable and powerful heavy-duty mobile screeners at work around the world today.

Designed to provide uncompromising production levels to heavy duty scalping operations, the ER-230 is capable of operating as a stand-alone plant producing finished product, or as a scalping recycled material to remove fines for picking station.

McCloskey Environmental’s powerful High Energy Screener delivers higher outputs and a high-quality screened product with maximum efficiency.

Key Features

6 x 20 heavy duty high energy 2 bearing screenbox

225Hp diesel engine

Direct feed lined hopper

Travel out fixed walkways

Fast on site setup time – 10 minutes

Integrated hydraulic folding stockpiling conveyors

Screen raises at lower end for easy bottom deck access

Service standing room inside powerpack


  • Engine – 225 HP (168 KW) Diesel
  • Transport Height – 11’ 5.8” (3.50M)
  • Transport Length – 55’ 8” (16.97M)
  • Transport Width – 9’ 10” (3.00M)
  • Weight – 82,000 LBS (37,200KG)
  • Stockpile Height (Tall Conveyor) – 12’ 6” (3.83M)
  • Stockpile Height (Mid Product Conveyor) – 12’ (3.66M)
  • Stockpile Height (Fine Product Conveyor) – 13’ 5.3” (4.10M)
  • Screenbox Dimensions – 6’ X 20’ (1.83M X 6.10M)