Protecting the Planet Is No Longer A Choice, But An Obligation


The world is changing. this is how mccloskey environmental is responding.

From the beginning McCloskey has been shaped around a clear purpose. McCloskey® has assisted in diverting millions of tonnes of waste from landfill with its 35+ years of designing and manufacturing industry leading equipment working in a variety of applications.

Climate change combined with the ever-rising demand for energy and raw materials are all placing the environment under increasing strain. To prevent these challenges from resulting in a hopeless situation, long-term solutions are required. The primary task of McCloskey™ is to make a positive contribution to meet these challenges.

We believe in a sustainable future and with the global engineering industry as our arena, we work together with our customers to turn this belief into reality for people everywhere.


    The key factors underpinning our sustainability strategy

    Recruiting and Retaining Excellent People

    Driving Positive Supplier Relationships

    Further Improving Customer Satisfaction

    Being An Innovator and Leading the Waste Industry

    Reducing Waste and Increasing Recycling

    Business Value

    The Future of Product Design Is Green

    Sustainability is at the core of McCloskey Environmental offering and operations. We offer sustainable value to our customers through solutions and services that improve energy, emission and water efficiency, safety and circular business models​.

    Designing Energy efficiency, low dust and noise equipment for all customers is only the start of it.